Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

Editorial: The PI Show Makes It to 100

On October 18, I presented my 100th weekly Politically Incorrect Show on Radio Pacific. It was a milestone I hadn't expected to reach, especially in the wake of the programme's axing on July 27 last year (see The Advance of the Drooling Beast, TFR #26). So great was the outcry , however, on that occasion from those who had responded to the Show's defence of "the most sacred thing in the universe, the liberty of the human individual" that Derek Lowe reinstated it almost immediately, & the libertarian bugle has been sounding vigorously ever since. In opening the 100th Show, I repeated my editorial from the very first one, in which I had stated my overall agenda — the combating of Political Correctness & the promotion of freedom — & targeted a hit-list of Politically Correct, rights-violating, state scams which would be the objects of my particular attention. I then asked myself how well I had succeeded after 100 programmes, & answered myself as follows:

"On the concrete level, about 50 programmes in, Ned Haliburton picked up the ball from Libertarianz & launched a concerted campaign against the NaZis On Air tax, culminating in a representative action heard in the High Court three days ago, with Justice Morris reserving his decision after exhaustive presentations in which the Crown, as second defendants, dispensed with all previous claims that the fee is not a tax. Ned will furnish the details at his customary time.

"No one made more noise than I, publicly, about the Resource Management Abomination; no other group apart from Libertarianz, demanded its repeal. Two years ago, the Abomination's chief apologist, the egregious collectivist statist, Simone d'Uptart, said it was working just fine & dismissed its critics as 'simplistic.' Eventually, thanks in large measure to the appalling violations of property rights highlighted on this programme, or through this programme via MP Muriel Newman, Simone had to 'do something.' The upshot, unfortunately, was merely the McSham report — a smokescreen. But, again in the PC-speak of our time, this programme undoubtedly contributed hugely to 'consciousness-raising' on the matter. And as long as I have breath in my body I will continue to fight this vicious abomination. Muriel will join me shortly to expose yet another abuse that has occurred under its auspices.

"What I then called the Racist Relations Office, which ought of course to be abolished, recently brought down a ruling which for the first time ever indicated that it would take as dim a view of Maori racism as of any other kind. That was the ruling in respect of the institutionalised racism at Wanganui Polytechnic. I'd like to think, but can't be sure, that this programme helped create the climate in which, while we have this Office, such a ruling could no longer be avoided for reasons of Political Correctness.

"I believe I have done much to expose the extent & full irrationality of Political Correctness in our state education system, particularly in the universities. Here I was happy to join what had hitherto been virtually the lone voice of Agnes-Mary Brooke in revealing & denouncing the wilful dumbing-down of education being perpetrated by those I call the 'child-molesters of the mind,' with the full connivance of the various despicable entities who have occupied the office of Minister of Education in recent times. Here I would single out as the most contemptible, Lockwood Smith, since he came to office promising to put a stop to Political Correctness & dumbing-down, but in fact allowed it to proceed apace. So again, the PI Show has helped with 'consciousness-raising,' but much more remains to be done — and I can assure you, it will be.

"The Human Wrongs Commissariat, unfortunately, continues unchecked. It runs a parallel justice system of kangaroo courts driven by man-haters empowered to fine employers tens of thousands of dollars when a male employee asks a female employee out — to take a recent, actual example. The PI Show, I regret to say, has made no impression on the operations of this disgusting institution whatsoever.

"And I would have to acknowledge that the same is true at the more abstract level. Has the cause of individual liberty advanced in the last two years? No. Quite the contrary. I venture to suggest that the majority of people opposing the NaZis On Air tax do so because of the number of repeats on television, with no grasp at all of the principle involved — that it's wrong to take money from people by force. There is still hardly anyone who appreciates that 'liberty' is not the right to other people's earnings, but is simply no more & no less than the absence of physical force being initiated against one — the right to interact voluntarily with other human beings by mutual consent without coercive interference by others. This simple concept, unfortunately, is beyond the handicapped grasp of most citizens of this pathetic asylum of hopeless dependants called New Zealand. There are more state-worshipping retards in our midst, anxious to place more shackles on the productive, than there were two years ago. The egalitarian totalitarianism so eloquently expressed by the Alliance's Liz Gordon on my last Friday programme is about to become the brazen voice of government.

"At this level, that of reaching people with the ideas necessary to combat Political Correctness — the ideas of reason & individualism — I have certainly failed.

"But at least I can say I have done my best. You cannot say that. Part of the reason I have failed is that you, dear listeners, have failed me. Most of you who tell me you are hostile to Political Correctness have remained utterly mute. Most of you who tell me you are supportive of liberty have not lifted a finger to advance it. When the Alliance/Labour socialist juggernaut rides roughshod over more of your liberties & steals more of your money as it institutionalises even more Political Correctness, don't ask me who is to blame — just look in the mirror. I will tell you there was a vehicle for action -Libertarianz — and you didn't join it. There was a bugle of liberty — The Free Radical — and you didn't read it. There was an outlet for your voice — this programme — and you didn't speak on it. No good sending me letters & cards, as so many of you do, assuring me of your silent, passive support. It's not your silent, passive 'support' that I want. It's your loud, raucous, passionate, active support!! If I had that, then we truly could roll back the tide of tyranny.

"So may I ask that you put that on your agenda for the next two years? Make it your 'mission statement' to become as loud & active & tenacious in the struggle for freedom as its opponents are in the struggle against it? So that when we reach PI Show #200, we will be in a position to say, even though we have an Alliance/Labour dictatorship which truly is exactly what the country has deserved, that that dictatorship, along with its National & ACT fellow-travellers, is on the ropes, & the banner of liberty is about to be raised for the first time? That the Asylum of New Zealand is soon to become the Republic of New Freeland?

"Such a hope is breathtakingly audacious. But then, who would have thought that we could ever have a programme such as this, or that it would be allowed to continue for 100 episodes?"

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