Editorial Policy

This publication upholds each individual's sovereignty over his own life - i.e., his right to sustain his life and pursue his happiness as he chooses. We maintain that he possesses this right not by permission from God, society or the government, but by virtue of his nature as a thinking, choosing entity. As a corollary, we advocate the elimination of compulsion from human affairs. We promote the belief that all adult interaction, in all spheres of life, should be voluntary. We defend the free market, not just in the realm of commerce, but universally. We are neither left nor right wing. We are as opposed to the censoring of personal intellectual and moral values, traditionally favoured by the right, as we are to the regulation of economic activity extolled by the left. We believe that the only act which may properly be banned in a free society is the initiation of force or fraud by one party against another; that the only laws which may properly be imposed are those which ban the use of force or fraud - e.g., laws against murder, rape or theft; and that the sole legitimate function of government is to define and enforce such laws.

Good reading - yours in liberty,
Lindsay Perigo

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