[PRODOS] Public Apology & Clarification to ARI & supporters from PRODOS

   From: PRODOS
   Public Apology & Clarification to
   Ayn Rand Institute and supporters
   I wish to publicly apologize to the Ayn Rand Institute and
   its supporters for the offense and misunderstanding I
   caused by my comments in a recent magazine article.
   I wish to make it clear to all that I unreservedly and
   proudly support ARI, 100%, and consider the enemies of ARI
   and Objectivism to be *my* enemies. I abhor and take
   offense at ARI-bashing.
   When some ARI-bashing questions were recently put to me by
   a magazine interviewer, I sought to expose the utter
   absurdity of the interviewer's questions by responding with
   extreme farce and irony. Unfortunately I miscalculated
   My over-the-top irony was *far* from clear. My comments
   could easily be read as if I was *joining in* with the the
   Thus, I unintentionally offended the very people I admire
   and value. Furthermore, even Objectivist friends who know
   me well and understood my intent, thought my comments were
   in very bad taste and that it was inappropriate to use ARI
   in this manner - regardless of whether I thought I was, in
   some convoluted way, defending ARI.
   I now agree. I accept that I was wrong. I showed poor
   judgement. I am deeply sorry for the hurt and confusion I
   have inadvertently caused to those I have always, and will
   always, esteem. I have learned from my mistake, and want to
   publicly assure ARI and its supporters that I will never
   repeat an act such as this and that I will excercise more
   reserved and more scrupulous judgement in all future
   In conclusion:
   I welcome reasoned arguments and disagreements, but I
   repudiate and refuse to deal with any individual or group
   who I find to be actively, persistently *hostile* or
   insulting towards Objectivism or ARI or ARI people.
   Thank your for your attention.
   With Friendship and Dedication,
   PS: I am happy to answer any more questions either by email
   - prodos@prodos.com - or phone - + 613 9428 1234 (in
   Melbourne) - or I can phone you if you wish.

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