Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

Persecution, Prohibition, Political Correctness ... and Pleasure

In the good old days the compulsion that the Politically Correct have to persecute those who disagree with them or who do naughty things for pleasure was fulfilled by churches, the repositories of what was then Politically Correct. They would advance their argument by means of thumbscrews, stretching racks, burnings at the stake & other such accoutrements of civilised discourse. Thus was PC persecution-lust satisfied. Nowadays the place of the churches has been taken in part by tobacco & alcohol prohibitionists. The carnage these fascists wreak when vested with state power is harrowingly documented in the film Waco: The Rules of Engagement, which screened recently as part of the Auckland Film Festival. The mass murder perpetrated by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco established once & for all, if it hadn't been already, that the United States, once the closest thing to a "land of the free," is indeed what we libertarians call it — the United Police States of America. Now, Slick Willy — ironically himself a victim of feminazi/Puritan PC — is about to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on a renewed television campaign against marijuana as well, & turn America into a nation of child-informants, dobbing their parents in for doing what Clinton once did himself & what his aides did routinely in the White House. This hypocritical bastard should be impeached for doing to freedom what he says he didn't do to Monica.

Over here, we are likewise bombarded with prohibitionist proscriptions. A headline on the cover of a recent Daily Marxist, for example, shrieked: "Outrage Over Pregnancy Drink Advice"!! Various health busybodies, we were told, are scandalised that the Royal New Zealand College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists has pronounced it acceptable for pregnant women to have up to fifteen alcoholic drinks a week. Fifteen! Shock, horror! The disgrace! The depravity! The wanton permissiveness! Fifteen alcoholic drinks a week! (Shared with an under-age partner as well!) The College's experts notwithstanding, nothing less than total abstinence will satisfy our own state tit-sucking sticky-beaks like the Alcoholic Liquor Advisory Council — and they too are about to spend our money on television propaganda telling us so. How long, one wonders, before Nanny's nagging is turned into punitive law?

Not that the church has given up the ghost on persecution. To be sure, it's not allowed to combust non-conformists any more, but its bigoted attitudes are alive & well. After a week's dithering on the matter, the Presbyterian church's General Assembly recently decided to impose a "rahui" — how PC can you get?! — which means a ban, on ordaining poofters, pansies, perverts, ponces, etc., as ministers. Now that's the church's right, as a voluntary association, of course, just as it's my right to attack them for it; what I don't understand is why any self-respecting fag would want to be part of an institution that has caused so much suffering to our kind in the first place. Go see the film Wilde, & remind yourself what barbaric persecution occurred as a result of Christian bigotry being written into law, & ask yourself why you would want to give your life to this sick superstition. Oscar was foolish in some ways, thinking he could charm his way out of any predicament with his incomparable epigrams, such as "The best way to deal with temptation is to yield to it"; he was undoubtedly in part the author of his own downfall. But only in part. The main reason for his downfall was the law, & the main reason for the law was Christianity. As the Presbyterians have just reminded us.

Let's tell the Presbyterians — figuratively, of course — to go to hell. And all the other PC Pleasure Police with them.

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