Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

Of Tactics & Traitors

So Helen has kissed & made out with him for whom she said a few months ago she could feel no greater contempt; Jim has kissed & made out with her, on whom he said a few months ago he felt like perpetrating violence. Amazing the loathings that the lust for power can neutralise! Yes folks, it's the Helen Neanderton/Jim Clark Reconciliation Romp. Live performances daily at the USSR Memorial Society clubrooms, with special guest appearances by AUS witches (harassment-starved butch Marxists from the Association of University State-worshippers). A veritable orgy of tax-raising, tariff- hiking, subsidy-dispensing, quota-imposing, licence-demanding, permit-requiring, rules & regulations- devising, and red (of course!) tape-creating, sufficient to sate the most rabid of statist appetites.

Now I'm going to give you some voting advice for the next general election which will send friend & foe alike into paroxysms of disbelief. I urge you all to vote for a Labour/Alliance Retard coalition. Yes, you read me correctly — I, Lindsay Perigo, leader of Libertarianz, urge you all to vote for a Labour/Alliance Retard coalition. Here's why.

First, the National Socialist Party, thanks mainly to its former leader, the unspeakable Neville Bolger, has been & continues to be guilty of such egregious betrayal of the principles spelled out in its constitution that it must be removed, whatever it takes! Such appalling poseurs as Maurice Wimpiamson & Simone d'Uptart must be thrown out of their taxpayer-funded luxury zones & made to find out what it's like to try to survive under the restrictions & taxes they have helped to impose for their own parasitical purposes. Let them ponder the meaning of their party's abandoned commitment to free enterprise, individual liberty, low tax & small government. In exile!

Second, no freedom-lover should even think of voting for a party which proposes new forms of compulsion & whose leaders had a lot to do with the old forms of it! I refer of course to the Association of Crooks & Compulsion-Touters, ACCT. The party of the Government Slavery Tax, the party of compulsory health insurance, the party of compulsory pension insurance, the party of the Resource Management Abomination, the party of the Godfather whose identity will soon be revealed, the party that then pretends to be the party of freedom, the party that couldn't lie straight in its bed.

"But," you might protest, if you're a freedom-lover, "throwing the National Socialists & the Crooks out is one thing, but why positively promote such avowed enemies of individual liberty as Labour & the Alliance Retards?"

My answer is — because these people are honest enemies of freedom, & I would rather deal with a principled opponent than a phoney friend who claims to share my beliefs but actually betrays them for the sake of power. Is a Labour/Alliance Retard government really going to be significantly more anti-freedom than the one we've got, which taxes us every which way we turn, which knocks on our doors at night demanding intimate information, which prosecutes us for not paying for a service we didn't sign up for, which puts us in jail for "crimes" that have no victim, which steals our money to sponsor apartheid, etc., etc., etc.? This government is already to all intents & purposes a dictatorship, & I for one am heartily sick of it & the vermin who comprise it. (And if Labour/Alliance Retard were indeed to be worse, it might focus our minds remarkably!)

Now here's the last & most important part of my voting advice. Vote for Labour & Alliance Retard constituency candidates ... and for Libertarianz in the party vote! Make Parliament a genuine contest of ideas! Socialism vs freedom! Let's have it straight! What we have now is socialism vs slightly less socialism, Big Brother vs Slightly Smaller Brother, Nanny State vs Granny State. The hell with it!! Let's get some Libertarianz list candidates into Parliament & have a clear-cut choice!

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