Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Free Radical Online - Perigo vs. Nola

Five: Perigo Responds

In his reply #4, Dr Nola dodges all of my questions but one (which he "answers" with his standard modern hocus-pocus), substituting for answers a challenge to me to "devote several pages of each issue of The Free Radical over the next year to the study of logic [sic]."

"Take up the challenge!" he whoops.

Very well. I shall risk commercial ruin for my magazine by wasting four pages of each of the next six issues on Nola's mumbo-jumbo ... on one condition: that the Philosophy Dept. sponsors six one-hour lectures by me on the philosophy of Objectivism as part of its programme for the 1999 academic year.

Six hours over one year — that's all I ask! Just six hours in which to present an antidote to the Sophist rubbish to which hundreds & hundreds of hours are devoted.

Take up the challenge!!

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