Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 17/01/2000

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Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the first Politically Incorrect Show for the year 2000 on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, proudly sponsored by Neanderton Nicotine Ltd., the show that breaks the mould & applauds tall poppies, celebrates achievement & excellence, minds its own business & tells busybody do-gooders to do the same, attacks the pseudo-mordi gravy-train & femi-fascism & eco-fascism, resists the ever-advancing tentacles of Nanny State & glorifies above all the most sacred thing in the universe ... the liberty of the human individual.

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On Saturday I returned from an all-too-brief trip to the United States. Even though freedom-lovers refer to it now as the United Police States, even though it has strayed lamentably far from the ideals of the Founding Fathers, parts of it at least still exude the can-do optimism & love of liberty that drove the Founders to create the greatest country on earth. In California I stayed at the home of Damon Lanza, son of Mario, & his staunch friend Bob Dolfi. As you enter the Palos Verdes village where their house is, you are greeted by a sign that says, "Welcome to Paradise." Here, surrounded by the best that nature has to offer, man has done what man must do & adapted his environment to the requirements of his own life & pleasure. Soaking up some winter sun atop a glistening ocean, working out on high-tech gym gear, luxuriating in sauna & spa, bathing in the sounds of that beautiful voice ... again, electronically recorded, preserved & reproduced ... I marvelled anew at the astonishing fruits of "life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness" & the widespread loathing that still exists for those ideals.

On my return I received a sharp reminder of that loathing.

I gather there was a great commotion while I was away about a visiting American billionaire being granted name suppression & discharged without conviction on some cannabis charges, the assumption being that he got this treatment because he's rich. I could just imagine the bleating of the sheeple over this one, though I must say I learned about it in a most pleasurable way ... the following letter in Saturday's Daily Marxist:

"Your Jerry Springer-like fixation on publishing the name of the billionaire businessman caught with an amount of cannabis that Nandor Tanczos would find seriously inadequate is disgusting. I know who the man is. He is a brilliant, generous, & yes, colourful entrepreneur who built one of the world's great companies from scratch. He towers above, in both character & brilliance, 99% of the people in this spluttering, jealous little place, if the character of your letter writers is any indication. They, as well as you, hide a reprehensible strain of envy behind words that both of you little understand, such as 'justice' & 'freedom.'

"Kiwis think they want to build a 'knowledge economy' but then turn round & attack just the people who could help them to do it. My fellow-citizens are little, jealous people. Freedom? They wouldn't understand the first thing about it. Rather than whining & carping, why not celebrate this guy's great good luck? Judge Harvey is to be congratulated for his courage. If people are so upset about someone who represents no threat to anyone, whose only 'crime' is enjoying the occasional hit of grass, I have a suggestion: go think about what freedom means. It means doing whatever you want to do as long as it doesn't infringe others' right to do the same. Who has this guy harmed? Who has he attacked? The real crime is that his pot stash was confiscated, & that he has been hounded out of our country by the resentful little ninnies, for whom I have a final suggestion ... get a life."

Within an hour of my walking in the door Deborah Coddington was on the phone asking if I'd written that under a pseudonym. Well, I hadn't. As a matter of fact the actual writer, doubting that the Daily Marxist would print it, had e-mailed me a copy to use as I saw fit. That I have just done. It eloquently underscores that the equivalent of "Welcome to Paradise" at Auckland airport should be "Welcome to a spluttering, jealous little place." For writing it, & for not being part of the jealous, spluttering, little 99%, for speaking out against the resentful little ninnies who dominate this authoritarian backwater, I want to bestow on Mr J. W. Deming of Parnell the Free Radical Award.


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