Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 18/01/2000

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Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the Politically Incorrect Show for Tuesday January 18 on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, proudly sponsored by Neanderton Nicotine Ltd., the talk show that breaks the mould & applauds tall poppies, celebrates achievement & excellence, minds its own business & tells busybody do-gooders to do the same, attacks the pseudo-mordi gravy-train & femi-fascism & eco-fascism, resists the ever-advancing tentacles of Nanny State & glorifies above all the most sacred thing in the universe - the liberty of the human individual.

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Among my CD collection is an opera called Das Wunder der Heliane by Erich Korngold. I've played it once only, finding the music too dissonant for my taste. As it happens, the recording I have was the first release in a series titled "Entartete Musik - Degenerate Music - music suppressed by the Third Reich." Korngold was a Jew, & the policy of the National Socialists was to entrench Aryan supremacy in music as in everything else. These barbarians, as a matter of government policy, promoted music they deemed consistent with their "national identity" & banned that which they deemed inconsistent with it. They staged an Entartete Musik exhibition, comparable to a book-burning, in Düsseldorf. That was in 1938.

In the year 2000 in New Zealand, the neo-Nazis now in power here, the Labour Socialists, are also getting into the business of state-approved art for the sake of our "national identity," whatever that might be in our case (personally, I think if the term means anything at all it refers to the "spluttering, resentful little ninnies" so eloquently described by the letter-writer I quoted yesterday, who make up the bulk of the sheeple here). I quote from yesterday's Daily Marxist:

"Prime Minister Helen Clark, who has made the cultural portfolios her own, plans a shake-up for the arts. Clark wants a strategy that encourages the arts not just for their aesthetic & intrinsic values but also for the potential they offer in establishing national identity & creating jobs. First step for Clark in creating the arts & culture strategy will be the Heart of the Nation Process, described in election policy as a dialogue between government & stakeholders to take place in the first three months of the new government."

God help us. You thought the Christine Rankin WINZ junkets were a rip-off? I wonder how much you'll have to fork out for this Heart of the Nation Process poppycock, a series of Politically Correct huis up & down the country attended no doubt by every snotty illiterate post-modern poseur who senses Other People's Money being showered upon him if he curries enough favour with Commissar Clark, Arbiter of Artistic Appropriateness. It will help, no doubt, if the groveller is ethnically correct as well, just as it did with the Nazis.

The clincher in the Daily Marxist article comes much later, after Commissar Clark has told us she wants to help aspiring pop musicians with Other People's Money & that she will be imposing local content quotas on radio & television stations. This is when the reporter raises another possible means of arts funding, to which Commissar Clark seems to be allergic:

"Arts organisations look enviously abroad to places like the United States, which offer generous tax breaks to private benefactors. Clark rejects this. Tax breaks mean less taxes raised."

Oh my, we can't have that, can we?

Ladies & gentlemen, just as the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation, so it has no place in the music rooms & art galleries & poetry cafes of the nation. Yes, I know it's a struggle being an artist of any sort worthy of the name in this backwater, but the moral truth remains that no one has the right to force his artistic preferences on others; no one is entitled to live off state-stolen money simply by virtue of being "an artist." Government involvement is forcible involvement. Force, even more than under the last government, is clearly going to be the currency of this regime, as it succours that of which it approves.

Might I suggest that the flip side of the coin of Approved Music is Banned Music - Entartete Musik? Our "national identity" may demand it.

You have been warned.

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