Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 19/01/2000

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Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the Politically Incorrect Show for Wednesday January 19 on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, proudly sponsored by Neanderton Nicotine Ltd., the show that breaks the mould & applauds tall poppies, celebrates achievement & excellence, minds its own business & tells busybody do-gooders to do the same, attacks the pseudo-mordi gravy-train. femi-fascism & eco-fascism, resists the ever-advancing tentacles of Nanny State & glorifies above all the most sacred thing in the universe - the liberty of the human individual.

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One thing you may be sure of - the liberty of the human individual won't be on the agenda of the IAFFE Conference in Istanbul this coming August. What's IAFFE? Why, the International Association for Feminist Economics, of course! What's Feminist Economics? The phallic implications of the Laffer Curve? The patriarchal sexual connotations of "supply & demand"? Looking at the themes on which papers are invited, it's highly likely that the man-haters will be screeching precisely such nonsense.

#1 "Feminist perspectives on the state & economic policy." Translation: diatribes about too few ugly wimmin stomping around the corridors of power & the need for stronger Affirmative Action policies.

#2 "Intersections in economics: class, gender, race, ethnicity & sexualities." Translation: every variety of Politically Correct lunacy going, broadly coverable by the term "Neo-Marxism."

#3 "The work of men, women & children in the new millennium." Translation: the exploitation of women & children by men in the new millennium. (By the way, if I hear someone ascribing some ineffable significance to this "new millennium" thing one more time I shall be sick.)

#4 "Feminist perspectives on globalisation." Translation: ugly wimmin denouncing free trade.

#5 "Women's economic issues in Turkey & the region." Translation: how does one brand of authoritarian collectivism (feminism) cope with another (Islam)?

#6 "Engendering economic institutions." Translation: creating new bureaucracies run by ugly wimmin.

#7 "The young & the old: feminist economic approaches." Untranslatable at best, unthinkable at worst.

#8 "Economic restructuring & gender roles." Translation: castrating capitalism.

#9 "Women home-based workers: A comparative perspective." Translation: comparing notes on getting it off with the postman. (Ooops. Sorry. Don't know what came over me.)

#10 "Gender issues in European Union." Translation: how to stop those randy Italian men pinching wimmin's bottoms.

And so on. Groan! Just in case it has eluded you thus far, the overall objective of the IAFFE Conference is "to bring together new & innovative insights from various disciplines to contribute to the development of feminist approaches to economics. It will promote the breakdown of traditional disciplinary barriers that constitute & change the lives of men & women." Thus far, just cliches, but get this: "We hope that the conference will provide an excellent opportunity to present, share & discuss new insights with colleagues within & beyond the economic discipline & with ACTIVISTS & policy-makers from all over the world." What's the betting that the "activists" will be exclusively of the statist variety?

Want to know more? "A brochure may be obtained at the address mentioned below." What's the address mentioned below? Why, it's none other than "Prue Hymen, Women's Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, PO Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand." So just when you might have been thinking that all of this nonsense is irrelevant to you, reflect on the probability that you're footing the bill for part of it.

Most economics is crap. "Feminist economics," as my economist friend Larry Sechrest from Sul Ross University in Texas observes, is "total, post-modernist crap." Our universities are full of it. You're paying for it. If you object, let the ugly wimmin know at the address I just gave you: Prue Hymen, Women's Studies, Victoria University, PO Box 600, Wellington. You may well be branded a white male rapist & tied to a tree; at least this would be one occasion when "tree-hugging" served a worthy cause.

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