Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 21/01/2000

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Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the Politically Incorrect Show for Friday January 21 on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, proudly sponsored by Neanderton Nicotine Ltd., the show that breaks the mould & applauds tall poppies, celebrates achievement & excellence, minds its own business & tells busybody do-gooders to do the same, resists the ever-advancing tentacles of Nanny State & glorifies above all the most sacred thing in the universe - the liberty of the human individual.

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Since the sheeple elected a more overtly socialist government than even the previous one, we've seen tax increases, the renationalisation of the accident insurance industry, the promise of arts huis & compulsory NZ content quotas for radio & television, the appointment of Comrade Neanderton as Minister of Economic Development to preside over a new Ministry of same, & a growth in the profile of Nanny State generally. And though thus far we have been spared the ban on "lookism" proposed by Comrade Carbuncle before the election, I wish to draw your attention to the following lunacy sighting in Wednesday night's Evening Post:

"New bureau to check on bosses. The Government plans to start checking if bosses are hiring enough women, Maori & disabled people, says Women's Affairs Minister Laila Harre - Mzzzzzzz Harre said the government planned to install a system by 2001 where employers would have to report to a new bureau on progress in providing an equal opportunity work place."

I doubled my blood pressure medication this morning knowing that I was going to be reading this out. How could the country have voted for this nonsense? Whoever said Political Correctness was discredited, dead & buried, no longer an issue? Who does Laila Harre think she is to dictate to an employer whom he must employ, to tell him when she's satisfied that he's employed "enough" women, Maori & disabled people? The brazen Bolshevik bitch. Who fills jobs is the prerogative of the person who creates them. End of story. Any self-respecting employer would tell Comrade Harre to get lost & move his business elsewhere, if there were somewhere to go not drowning in similar excrement.

The problem is, there's no principled opposition on offer, apart from this programme, a certain magazine edited by the host of this programme, & a certain political party beginning with "L." Someone asked me yesterday why I didn't support ACT? Where is ACT on these matters of rampant Political Correctness? Do you hear them advocating the abolition of the Ministry of Ugly Wimmin's Affairs & the Human Wrongs Commissariat & the grotesque legislation that spawned them? Do you hear them promising to stop the pseudo-mordi gravy train? No - they just want it to get to its destination more quickly. ACT have no answers - they are part of the problem.

What then of the Employers Federation, which should be screaming defiance of Comrade Harre from the rooftops? They are arguably the biggest single group of weasel-worded cowards in the country, assuming a supine position automatically upon every fresh government outrage. They give new meaning to the term "prostrate." They are traitors to the cause of employers every bit as much as the Automobile Association are traitors to the cause of motorists.

For the hell of it, let me guess who might be invited to be on this new Bureau to which employers will have to report. Former Prime Minister David Lange, for sure - he's been quite public about how he's been drowning in boredom. Lord Montrose of Drury, former Minister of Apartheid, might be a starter if he's not too busy advising the United Nations on oppressed peoples around the world. Comrade Kelsey, leader of the AUS witches, must be a sitter, as must Prudence Hymen of Victoria University's Ugly Wimmin's Studies Department, who this very week has been burping on about not enough wimmin in the engineering profession. Dame Juniper Damp-Squibs, who thinks stained blankets are "haunting, provocative & powerful" & has been seen in public wearing a moku would seem to be made of the right stuff, & Titewhai Harawira would be a shoo-in if only she could get on with Commissar Clark. Whoever gets on, you may be sure this new bureaucracy will be a stellar line-up of Politically Correct grotesqueries, sucking off the state tit, with you, dear listener, supplying the milk as always. I just hope they don't overlook Outer Mongolian transvestites.

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