Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 30/04/2001

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Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the Politically Incorrect Show on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, for Monday April 30, proudly sponsored by Neanderton Nicotine Ltd., the show that says bugger the politicians & bureaucrats & all the other bossyboot busybodies who try to run our lives with our money; that stands tall for free enterprise, achievement, profit, & excellence, against the state-worshippers in our midst; that stands above all for the most sacred thing in the universe, the liberty of the human individual.

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I want to thank those of you who came along to hear my speech at the Free Radical Foundation meeting on Saturday night. I had titled my speech "Reality Check" - some random thoughts after seven years of freedom-fighting about pitfalls to avoid & strengths to build on. I was more than a little on edge before delivering it, fearful that it might not strike any chords. In the event I needn't have worried - it did, & was received enthusiastically. It will be reproduced in the next issue of The Free Radical.

We concluded the evening by playing a video of an interview with Ayn Rand recorded by Mike Wallace in the late fifties. It showed Rand at her very best, razor-sharp, big, black luminous eyes exuding intelligence & alertness, answering each question - & there were some tough questions - with consummate ease, clarity & wit. At one point Wallace reminded her that she had been accused of wanting to tear down the entire ethical edifice that Americans held sacred - was the accusation true, he wanted to know. Unhesitatingly she replied, "Yes" - & proceeded to elaborate, explaining that a free society could not flourish or endure if it proceeded on the ethical premise that man was a sacrificial animal who existed for the edification of others. The whole interview was an inspiring celebration of man the thinker, man the hero, man the free agent who neither sacrifices himself to others nor others to himself.

A minor feature of the interview raised a huge laugh among Saturday night's audience. Part way through the recording, Wallace lit up a cigarette, & proceeded to billow smoke throughout the rest of it. Rand, herself a smoker, abstained - had she not, it would probably have been impossible to see either of them through the haze. We were all imagining the furore that would erupt in our Politically Correct times were Paul Holmes to similarly combust mid-way through an interrogation of the Prime Minister.

In any event, the interview capped off a perfect evening. We hold these events every two months, & are hoping that next time we'll have a formal debate between well-known advocates of capitalism & socialism. For details, watch this space.

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