Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 15/06/2001

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Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the Politically Incorrect Show on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, for Friday June 15, proudly sponsored by Neanderton Nicotine Ltd., the show that says bugger the politicians & bureaucrats & all the other bossyboot busybodies who try to run our lives with our money; that stands tall for free enterprise, achievement, profit, & excellence, against the state-worshippers in our midst; that stands above all for the most sacred thing in the universe, the liberty of the human individual.

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Friday - inspiration day. Here's an e-mail I received yesterday, which speaks for itself:

"Hi Lindsay, I am an avid listener of your show on Radio Pacific, noon weekdays and, like you am sick and tired of the political correctness and bullshit bureaucracy that our overpaid, useless MPs are guilty of more and more it seems. Nowadays it seems not a day goes by without hearing of some new government 'scheme' (taxpayer funded naturally) that I know from the start is not going to work and whaddaya know it doesn't! - e.g. the latest one is compulsory sex education in schools. We know that after increased sexual education in schools the abortion and teen pregnancy rates have gone up, but what do they do? They worsen the problem by making sex education in schools compulsory (code for promoting promiscuity in young NZers, which in my opinion is what sex education in schools is doing). And who pays for a lot of the unwanted babies' welfare when pregnancy rates increase as a result of promiscuity? Me, you; in short, every taxpayer. I'm talking D.P.B. Anyway this kind of crap just ticks me right off and what annoys me more is there isn't a hell of a lot any of us peasants can do about it. I believe more people need to be made aware of the things that are going wrong in the running of New Zealand so they can turn against it and start a revolution here. I know a lot of my friends I have spoken to about these things aren't aware of half of the crap that is being imposed upon us by central government. And the things they do hear they just accept as normal. But I wish everyone could know it DOESN'T have to be accepted as normal. A change can be made, but it is going to take a lot of support to make that change. As I said Joe Bloggs needs to know about the libertarian way of life and I am positive a great number of people will realise how much better life could be."

As it happens, there is quite a lot we "peasants" can do - study the philosophy that underpins freedom; get involved with New Zealand's only pro-freedom party; support its only pro-freedom magazine; let your voices be heard on talkback & letters to newspapers; bombard your MPs with mail opposing all their scams; ruin dinner parties; above all, don't use the inertia of others as an excuse for your own, & don't be daunted by the apparent enormity of the task at hand. Slowly but surely the word is already spreading, as this e-mail indicates, & we must proceed in the hope that at some point, as more of the masses become more critical, critical mass will be reached & a revolution effected. It may be a long, hard slog - but the alternative is to accept the status quo. That, in my book, is simply not an option.

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