Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 18/07/2001

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Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the Politically Incorrect Show on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, for Wednesday July 18, proudly sponsored by Neanderton Nicotine Ltd., the show that says bugger the politicians & bureaucrats & all the other bossyboot busybodies who try to run our lives with our money; that stands tall for free enterprise, achievement, profit, & excellence, against the state-worshippers in our midst; that stands above all for the most sacred thing in the universe, the liberty of the human individual.

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It was reassuring yesterday to receive such a flood of calls pouring scorn on the Muslim family in Hastings trying to bully Pizza Haven into paying for a trip to Mecca for them because a vegetarian pizza they had ordered turned out to have bacon in it. In a world where the culture of victimhood has gone berserk - involuntarily funded by the taxpayer & coercively imposed by government - it's comforting to encounter some remnants of common sense. But I have to say, coming as it did on top of the revelations about kaumatua being flown to New Zealand embassies to perform tapu-lifting ceremonies & talk of age-based restrictions on who may watch movies in which the actors smoke cigarettes, the pizza story left me scratching my head in bewilderment. We seem to have been hit by a veritable tidal wave of litigious lunacy that has left in its wake a network of gravy-trains for opportunistic, something-for-nothing looters & wannabe legislators to clamber onto. The message is out there, loud & clear - find a grievance & either sue the pants off whoever you blame for it or take an arm & a leg from the taxpayer as "compensation."

I arrived home to find the next issue of my magazine waiting to be proof-read. Instantly I was transported to another universe: rational, passionate, honest, clean & free. I read the following words in the lead article by Jim Peron, & wondered what it might yet take to make a world in which such words are uncontentious, the norm, honoured in the observance rather than the breach:

"The entire history of humankind is the history of manšs struggle for freedom. I donšt care what nation or what century, the fundamental battle was always the same. Heretics were burned at the stake because they wanted the freedom to think for themselves. Writers the world over have been imprisoned for speaking what they believe. People have risked lives and all their wealth to seek out freedom. Their names have constantly changed. Their faces have been white and black and every other hue of humanity. They have been young, often very young. And they have been old. Men or women, they have always realized that without freedom they were less than human. They understood, unlike the bureaucrats, that man is not a zoo animal or a pet. He does not purr simply because you feed him. He is not clay to be molded in some predetermined image. Man needs freedom. It is part of human nature."

Part of human nature, indeed - but it's a part of human nature of which human beings are, as modern pop psychology would have it, in denial. Dictatorships of Left & Right have collapsed all over the world, yet the cancer of collectivism that underpinned them is, seemingly, stronger than ever. Still, our small but perfectly formed bugle of liberty, The Free Radical, is about to sound for the 48th time. I urge you to heed its call.

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