Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 06/11/2001

Oh dear, what can the matter be?
Jim's Bank all set for calamity ...

Actually, that's Jims' (plural) Bank, of course, since the egregious ex-Tory, Jim Bolger, signed up to Jim Anderton's Bolshevik experiment. Bolger's penchant for selling out every principle he never held - in recognition of which we used to call him "Neville" Bolger - was never more sickeningly displayed.

Now, we are told, it's to be called "Kiwibank." Fitting, because, like the kiwi, it will never fly. The number of people who have said they will consider switching from their privately-owned bank to the Bolshevik Bank has dropped from 40% in a survey last year to 19% now. The same survey estimates that only a quarter of those saying they'll consider switching actually will. That will give the Bolshevik Bank fewer than half the customers it needs to break even. And those customers will be Alliance Retards & Hard Labour supporters - snivelling beneficiaries with no money of their own to deposit, just a little of other people's. Fortuitously for it, the Bolshevik Bank won't have to furnish an annual report before the next election.

The Prime Minister seems to know a bad risk when she sees one. She said today she won't be opening an account with the Bolshevik Bank. She also made it clear that the government won't be doing an Air New Zealand-type bail-out number on it if it DOESN'T fly. Neville Bolger said he WOULD be opening an account with the Bolshevik Bank, but made it clear that he wouldn't be putting ALL his savings into it. (You & I, dear taxpayer, paid Neville about $600,000 in superannuation when he left Parliament.) Since "No Minimum Deposit" is one of the lures with which the Bolshevik Bank hopes to seduce folk, one would imagine Neville putting in one cent exactly.

All rather vomit-inducing, really. But, even though it won't fly, the Bolshevik Bank will proceed. The docility of the sheeple knows no bounds, & when the thing turns to custard they will baaaa, not for its disestablishment, but the abolition of those evil private banks, whom they will blame for the Bolshevik Bank's ignominious failure.

The kiwi is blind, flightless & stupid. No wonder it's our national emblem.

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