Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 06/02/2002

Remember the Muslims from Napier who found a piece of bacon in their vegetarian pizza? Remember how they went on national television to tell us all how "offended" they were? Remember how they demanded that Pizza Hut fly them to Mecca so they could "cleanse" themselves?

They didn't get away with it, but who can blame them for trying it on? They are a symbol of our era. It is the Era of Umbrage, the era of "I'm SO offended." Umbrage is lucrative. Being offended gives you unimpeded access to Other People's Money to make you feel better. Umbrage is convenient. Being offended means nice people will make allowances when you fly aeroplanes into tall buildings - these nice people will understand that it was THEIR fault, not yours.

Today in New Zealand it's Waitangi Day. Ostensibly it's a day when we celebrate the good things about our country. Actually, it's nothing of the sort. It's an "I'm SO offended" day when pretend-Maoris whine about being granted the rights of British subjects in 1840. It's a day when spiritual savages grunt about "cultural genocide" & "post-colonial stress disorder syndrome." And they, unfortunately, DO get away with it. They have the government (willingly) & all the taxpayers of New Zealand (unwillingly) in thrall to them. The brown gravy-train aspect of the Era of Umbrage is proving very costly. Just yesterday the Minister of Maori Affairs announced the stealing of $6 million more of taxpayer money "to assist Maori communities to design their own solutions." "Their own solutions"? With OUR money? (And solutions to WHAT, exactly?)

This Waitangi Day will be a little different, though - among the demonstrators AT Waitangi will be some civilised, rational ones, whose placards will demand a halt to the gravy-train. They are members of the Libertarianz Party. They are brave souls, risking, if not their lives, at least their limbs ... for the savages ARE savage. Let it not be forgotten that the self-same indigene escorting the Prime Minister onto the Treaty grounds once served a jail term for assault.

Me, I shall salute the salute the counter-demonstrators with red wine & pizza. And there'd better be a LOT of bacon with it. Or I shall be SO offended ...

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