Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 10/11/1999

Music up, music down!

In the time I have been openly promoting the cause of individual liberty I have learned two incontrovertible truths, among many others: 1) that one should run a mile from concepts beginning with the word "social," as in "social good," "social justice," "social investment," or "social capital" for example, since these are invariably euphemisms for some actual or would-be dictator's schemes for plunder & enslavement; and 2) that the most virulent opponents of individual liberty, the most toxic apologists for the totalitarian state, are to be found in academia. That is why I refer to the Association of University Staff, AUS, as the AUSwitches; Germany's concentration camps were conceived & run by academics, just as New Zealand's will be if we continue on our present descent into tyranny.

Why the link between totalitarianism & academia? Because academia is already the "total" domain of the state, supported by coercively acquired money: yours. The ideologists of academia want to keep it that way, so that they can continue to sponge off you, of course, & so that they can continue to preach their statist ideas unchallenged. They want to extend the supremacy of the state to all walks of life. Thus, they are unabashed in talking about things that begin with the word "social."

In yesterday's Daily Marxist, for example, one finds a senior lecturer in sociology at Auckland University, a Marxist, arguing against any form of user pays in education. "Education," he says, "should be seen as a public good [undefined] or social capital [there you go!] that benefits society as a whole & is paid for by society as a whole - Those who are on the highest incomes & who benefit from education as social capital should pay the most for it by means of a graduated tax." These two ideas of course are not all new; they're lifted straight out of the Communist Manifesto of 1848, which promoted "free education for all children in public schools" & "a heavy progressive or graduated income tax."

How does this entity justify stealing from some to pay for the education of others? Well, it instructs us, "education informs culture, society & politics about how economic wealth is created & the ends to which it is put."

I'm glad the entity has a sense of humour. Educating society as to how wealth is created is about the last thing existing tertiary establishments such as his do. Wealth is created by the application of the human mind - another thing academia does its utmost to cripple - to nature, & by the courage of those who use their minds to go out & create the things they have conceived. Academia says wealth is created by governments & should be divided evenly among those over whom governments have dominion. Of course, I have to concede they have formidable empirical evidence on their side. North Korea, for example.

Naturally, there are exceptions to my generalisations here, many lecturers who are not totalitarian statists, know how a free market works & quietly impart that knowledge to their students. But the fact that one never reads their contributions in the likes of The Daily Marxist is testimony to the ideological stranglehold of the AUSwitches & the fear these pro-freedom non-conformists have of publicly challenging the orthodoxy of academia. Eventually, when they're safely out of harm's way, some will tell their tale. I know, because they've told me they'll be telling their tale to me. Watch this space.

And in the meantime, keep running a mile from anything with the word "social" in front of it. Especially if it comes from an academic.

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