Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo

The Politically Incorrect Show - 11/11/1999

Music - Die Fledermaus

Good afternoon, Kaya Oraaa & welcome to the Politically Incorrect Show on the free speech network, Radio Pacific, for Thursday November 11, proudly sponsored by Tuariki Tobacco Ltd, the show that says bugger the politicians & bureaucrats & all the other bossyboot busybodies who try to run our lives with our money; that stands tall for free enterprise, achievement, profit, & excellence, against the state-worshippers in our midst; that stands above all for the most sacred thing in the universe, the liberty of the human individual.

Music up, music down!

Yesterday I received this by e-mail:

"Coalition Against Hatred and Violence.

"Dear Mr Perigo

"We are part of a coalition seeking to rid New Zealand of discrimination and the violence caused by hatred. On October 17, Jason Meads and his accomplice Stephan Smith, appeared before the High Court in Wellington charged with the May 8th murder of 14-year-old Jeff Whittington. The court heard from witnesses how Meads came home and announced they had 'fucked up a faggot and left him for dead"; how Meads boasted that 'The faggot was bleeding out of places I have never seen before,' and how 'Meads had started kicking him, jumping up and down on his head.'

"They heard how passers by 'found Jeff struggling to breathe, with his arms flying about wildly. One said his mouth and jaw were swollen'; and from Pathologist Dr Ken Thomson, who carried out the post-mortem examination on Jeff, that he died from multiple blows to the face and head leading to brain swelling, and a heavy blow to the abdomen.

"On 1 November Meads and Smith pleaded not guilty to committing this horrific crime of murder, even after admitting their part in assaulting Jeff."

The Coalition asked what should be done about "this form of particularly nasty, vicious and gruesome discrimination, this type of crime?" - meaning a crime motivated by hate against a specific class of person, in this case, homosexuals.

First, I think anyone who hates homosexuals is irrational & stupid. We all have the right to be irrational & stupid. Anyone, however, who ACTS on this sort of irrationality by "fucking up a faggot & leaving him for dead" is evil through & through, a degenerate monster for whom these are inadequate words to express the contempt that I feel.

But this, I'm afraid, may well be the point here! I very much fear that this Coalition would ban me, if they were consistent, from expressing my contempt at all. Similar organisations in the United States, in their zeal to discourage "hate crimes," want to classify the verbal expression of hatred ... ANY hatred ... as a hate crime in itself, overlooking the First Amendment, overlooking the distinction between expressing an evil idea & acting on it, overlooking the fact that hate is often a legitimate emotion.

Do I hate the vermin who killed the gay boy? With every fibre of my being, & proudly. Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the opening & subsequent joyous demolition of the Berlin Wall. Do I hate the sub-human filth who built it, who shot people trying to get through it? With every fibre of my being, & proudly. Yesterday I spoke about the communists in academia who want the system that produced the Berlin Wall implemented fully in this country. Do I hate them? With every fibre of my being, & proudly. Do I hate Shipley & Birch & Clark & Cullen & Anderton & Peters & Prebble, whose only concern with individual freedom is how best to trample on it & live off the proceeds? With every fibre of my being, & proudly. I hate their vile ideas & I hate them for practising their vile ideas. And I would defend to the death my right to express this hate.

I hate. I hate because I love. I love the human spirit, I love the human mind, I love the human potential, I love life. Therefore, I hate those who do or would destroy these things. But these things CAN be destroyed ONLY by physical force. Speech is not physical force. THE BANNING OF SPEECH IS. If we want a truly civil & civilised society, it is the actual initiation of physical force that must be banned, not the mere expression of ideas that promote it.

It behoves us all to realise that the answer to gay-bashers & their unspeakable ilk is not to duplicate their evil in a different guise.

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