To:   Jefferson School, Jefferson_School
CC:   [unknown],
CC:   Peter Schwartz,
CC:   [unknown], 
From: Klaus Nordby, 
Date: 8/30/2001, 10:49 AM 
Re:   Goodbye 


I have to inform you that I must cut my association with you and remove all
references to your works on the site.

At Harry Binswanger's request I have read some of the material at  I have not studied this in detail - nor do I
intend to - but it is clear to me that, among other things, it was VERY
wrong of you to publish this highly private correspondence.

It seems that the list of those who have broken with you includes a LOT of
people in Objectivism whose opinions - and friendship - I value.  Harry
Binswanger has convinced me that to praise you and your work on my web site
is, in effect, to slap all these fine people in the face (my formulation,
not his).

I stand by all the compliments I have given your work.  But there are
Larger Issues here, which necessitate that I cannot promote your
person.  And I can't promote your work in a vacuum, without also indirectly
promoting your person.  I wish I could, *somehow,* use your great anti-eco
material in my little poster campaign - but it can't be done.

I will have Estelle return you your check (when she is back from vacation),
and whenever it arrives I shall also return your book to you.

You hve been most kind and generous to me and my ecotrash project, so this
has been a VERY difficult choice to make.  Please do not write back and
argue against my decision.  It is irreversible.



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